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Take control of your sensitive data with Metomic, your DSPM tool for SaaS, Cloud and GenAI tools. Metomic is a DSPM vendor that continuously monitors your ecosystem to detect sensitive data on autopilot, alerting your team to critical risks created across the business.

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Metomic's DSPM solution detects and protects your most sensitive data wherever it lives across your SaaS, cloud and GenAI ecosystem. Don't wait for a data breach - minimise your attack surface today.

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Industry leading accuracy

Uncover sensitive data points such as PII, PCI, and PHI with hundreds of built-in and custom classifiers.

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One central dashboard

Control data security across all of your SaaS apps like Slack, Google Drive and more.

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Real-time notifications

Act on sensitive data risks as soon as they occur, minimising the threat window.


Integrate instantly across your entire SaaS stack

Metomic's API connectors allow you to integrate your most high-risk SaaS apps quickly and without agents.

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What customers are saying about Metomic

We are a Slack and Google shop, and Metomic had out-of-the-box integrations that made implementation a breeze.

Easy integration. It is as simple as a few clicks (and the Metomic onboarding process is excellent, too, as the team guides us through the process).


What is DSPM?

DSPM (Data Security Posture Management) helps organisations take a more holistic approach to data security. It encompasses the tools and processes security teams use to detect, monitor, and protect the organisation's sensitive data.

Companies implement DSPM tools to ensure they can monitor sensitive data in real-time, and maintain compliance with industry regulations. They can provide data security insights, and enhance security policy enforcement.

What are the key components of a DSPM tool?

DSPM is designed to protect the data layer of an organisation, and ensure that sensitive data won’t be leaked or breached. DSPM tools consolidate a few different solutions in order to give security teams an overview of the entire ecosystems.

The crucial components of a robust DSPM tool include:

1. Sensitive Data Discovery: Identifying all sensitive data assets within an organisation that may pose a risk, including sensitive data such as PII and messages in SaaS or GenAI tools.

2. Data Loss Prevention: Implementing measures to redact or retain data for a limited time to minimise the attack surface and reduce the impact of data breaches.

3. Access Control Management: Revolves around preventing unauthorised users accessing sensitive documents or information by implementing access controls and authentication mechanisms.

4. Security Awareness Training: Dedicated to educating employees about data security best practices, ensuring they understand their role as a line of defence for the organisation.

5. Insider Threat Detection: Tracking user behaviour and monitoring access privileges are integral aspects of identifying any suspicious or unauthorised activities from individuals within the organisation.

6. Compliance Management: Establishing and enforcing security policies and compliance standards that align with industry regulations and best practices is fundamental for maintaining data security.

How does a DSPM tool protect sensitive data?  

DSPM tools will identify sensitive data across an organisation's ecosystem. For instance, Metomic uses pre-built classifiers, as well as custom classifiers, to find the risks that matter to your business, giving security teams full visibility over data sharing across the entire workforce.

Once the data has been detected, the platform will use automated remediation to redact data or implement a retention period so that individuals can carry out their roles effectively without the risks associated with sharing sensitive data.

Why is a DSPM tool important?

Data is often at the heart of an organisation, making DSPM an indispensable element in ensuring seamless business operations and fostering a reputable brand that customers can trust.

The significance of DSPM becomes evident in its ability to safeguard sensitive data such as customer data and proprietary business secrets, from the looming threats of cyber attacks, breaches, and unauthorised access. Compliance with stringent regulations like GDPR or HIPAA may also necessitate the adoption of a trusted DSPM solution.

Though DSPM may require an initial investment, its long-term benefits manifest in cost savings. By evading data-related security incidents, organisations can steer clear of the financial and legal ramifications that come with data leaks and breaches.

Organisations of all sizes can benefit from using a DSPM vendor, but particularly those that are growing quickly, with ever-expanding IT environments, will find a solution invaluable to maintain control over their environment.

How can DSPM software help an organisation?  

There are various benefits to using a DSPM tool.

Firstly, the stringent data controls can put in place will minimise the risk of data being leaked or breached. By minimising the amount of data stored, a DSPM tool will reduce the potential attack surface of an organisation.

Secondly, adhering to regulations like GDPR, HIPAA, and CCPA necessitates handling data appropriately, ensuring its protection, and deleting it after a set retention period.

Finally, a DSPM tool like Metomic assists in educating the entire workforce on data security best practices. By identifying any violations or deviations in an individual's role, your DSPM vendor will help to reinforce proper data security practices among employees.

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