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Metomic for Jira

Sensitive data, like security credentials and customer contact information, can often find its way into Atlassian Jira. Use Metomic to find and protect this sensitive information before it's too late.

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Uncover your sensitive data, and understand your critical risks

See where sensitive data is stored across your entire Jira workspace, and pinpoint the most critical risks posed by data leaks or breaches.

Customer data detected in Jira ticketPHI, emails and phone numbers found in Jira ticket
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Hundreds of pre-built data classifiers

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Build your own custom classifiers

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Scan every type of Jira issue for sensitive data

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Find critical risks from day one


Control sensitive data in Jira, around the clock

Use Metomic's tried-and-tested policies to automate data redaction, data retention, and employee notifications, without getting in the way of employees doing their jobs.

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Data redaction, with retention periods

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Issue labelling & tagging for easy navigation

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Employee notifications to build your human firewall

Automatic redaction in JiraRule triggered in Metomic


What customers are saying about Metomic
Metomic gives us all peace of mind. We know that we have reduced the footprint of sensitive data exposure and that helps me sleep at night.
Director Security
US InsurTech company


What is Jira?

Jira has become the go-to productivity solution for businesses all around the world. They rely on it to manage their projects and collaborate seamlessly. 

But keeping your sensitive data secure across multiple boards, and tickets, can be a challenge, especially when you have teams adding new items to tackle every day. 

Luckily, you don’t have to compromise on the efficiency of Jira, while protecting your sensitive data. Metomic can help you fortify the security around your Jira workspace, without disrupting your employees.

What is Jira data security?

Securing your data in Jira involves putting security processes in place, to prevent data leaking, whether it’s due to accidental or intentional purposes. For instance, focusing on the right access controls, implementing encryption and masking, and classifying sensitive information.

Metomic plays a crucial role in that, helping you triage your critical risks, and revoking access from those who no longer need it.

Why do I need a data security tool for Jira?

Employees are using Jira daily to log tasks that need to be completed, many of which may contain sensitive data such as secrets or PII (Personally Identifiable Information). Although Jira may seem like a safe, familiar solution for your team, it’s still a third-party app that could be compromised. 

Implementing a Jira data security tool can not only help to protect and secure your sensitive data, it can ensure you’re remaining compliant with regulations such as GDPR, and HIPAA.

What data does Metomic detect in Jira?

When you integrate your Jira workspace with Metomic, you’ll have access to out of the box classifiers that detect sensitive data such as credit card numbers, bank account numbers, email addresses, and more.

You’ll also have the option to create your own custom classifiers to protect sensitive data that matters to your organisation.

Why choose Metomic for your Jira data security tool?
  1. Automatically redact content within Jira tickets and comments to prevent sensitive data being shared across the platform 
  2. Notify your employees when they share sensitive information within Jira tickets and comments, creating a culture that cares about data security 
  3. Automatically add labels to Jira Issues when you build your Rules in Metomic, making it easier to keep track of violations 

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