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Protect your most sensitive data with data security software for Microsoft Teams, with one-click API integration to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

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data Discovery for teams

Understand where your sensitive data is shared

Get full visibility over sensitive data like PII and PHI in your Microsoft Teams channels, and see where your biggest data leak risks lie.

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Hundreds of pre-built data classifiers

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Build your own custom classifiers

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Scan public and private channels in Teams

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Find critical risks from day one

Remediate your risks

Automate data security processes in Microsoft Teams

Our industry-leading accuracy means you can trust us to automate data redaction, data retention, and employee notifications, without any fuss.

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Data redaction, with retention periods

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Dynamic employee notifications for your team

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Workflow-based policy setup

Automatic redaction within Slack set up through rules in Metomic


What customers are saying about Metomic
Metomic is non-invasive and truly just focuses on preventing data leaks. Nothing over the top - just simple.
Head of InfoSec
US Tech Company
The big thing for me was how interactive it was in Slack. That was one of our biggest problem points and there was a solution for that immediately.
Cary Vidal


Why should I invest in Metomic for MS Teams now?

Microsoft Teams is an invaluable tool for companies who use the platform to communicate daily, share ideas, and post company wide-announcements.

A quick and easy way to chat with colleagues, Microsoft Teams offers a solution that allows users to share files and photos, as well as messages.

However, with so many users sending messages every single day, Teams can quickly become full of sensitive data points that can compromise the business if they were to be leaked.

Metomic helps you secure your Microsoft Teams workspace so you can protect your sensitive data within the platform, without compromising productivity.

How secure is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is designed to be secure enough to host your information, encrypting data and storing it on Microsoft servers. 

However, Microsoft’s built-in security features are reliant on users configuring the platform correctly and limiting the over-exposure of sensitive data. Without the added assurance of a data security tool, you are unable to minimise the amount of data you’re storing, which maximises your attack surface, leaving sensitive data vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Why do I need Microsoft Teams data security?

A Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) tool can help you ensure you’re protecting any sensitive data your team might be sharing in Microsoft Teams. 

By minimising the amount of data you hold, you can have peace of mind, knowing that if a bad actor were to access your systems, they wouldn’t be able to misuse some of your most precious assets. 

Without a data security strategy in place for Microsoft Teams, you may also be putting your company in breach of regulations such as GDPR, and HIPAA.

Why choose Metomic to protect data in Microsoft Teams?

When you integrate your Slack environment with Metomic, you’ll have access to out of the box classifiers that detect sensitive data such as credit card numbers, bank account numbers, email addresses, and more.

You’ll also have the option to create your own custom classifiers to protect sensitive data that matters to your organisation.

Why choose Metomic for your SaaS data security?

You can get started right away with one-click integration for a seamless experience. Plus, Metomic scans users, teams, channels, chats, messages, files, and folders, to ensure data is protected at every level of your workspace.

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