Discover and secure sensitive patient data

Our next generation data security software helps healthcare companies like yours minimise the risk of confidential information breaches, and helps you comply with standards like HIPAA, CCPA and GDPR across your SaaS and GenAI stack.

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Customer data detected by Airtable

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8 Principles of Securing Patient Data

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Prevent PHI being shared in risky SaaS environments

Tighten your security by accurately detecting PHI such as medical record numbers, scanned ID documents and more. We help you understand the most critical risks and you can put policies in place to automate the prevention of these in the future.

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Ready-to-use, automated HIPAA policies

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Extensive off-the-shelf classifiers

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Build your own classifiers for custom data

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Scan files and unstructured data

Metomic secures patient data across Numan's digital platforms

Read more about how Numan's Chief Medical Strategy Officer keeps sensitive patient data protected, using Metomic

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See how we helped MakeBuild take control of their security

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