Discover & Control Sensitive Data in Slack

Reduce the risk of a data breach and automate necessary security practises, so you can spend time growing your business.

Minimize risk, improve security and simplify compliance.  Try Metomic for free - No credit card required!


Integrate Metomic

We'll set up a 10 minute introductory call with one of our specialists to get Metomic working in your Slack, so you can see your biggest risks


Find your Risks

Use the Metomic dashboard to identify the biggest risks within Slack and rectify them immediately


Control your Data

Delete, redact or quarantine your data. We have specialists on hand to help you through the process and provide advice on all things data protection


Identify sensitive data across in Slack so you know where your data is and how long it has been there.


Modify an individual data point, delete all data belonging to an individual at the click of a button, and configure granular retention policies that automate data destruction.