Google Drive: the new Wild West

SaaS applications are similar to the Wild West for a CISO:
🔥 limited visibility and control
🔥 sensitive data and intellectual property unknowingly exposed
🔥 unsure who's got access to what

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Signs that your Google Drive is out of control

Sounds familiar?

You can't quantify the risk or level of exposed sensitive data in Google Drive: you suspect there are a lot of PII in Drive files, but unsure where.
You started with permissive access controls to Google Drive files, and as you scale, you want to move to more restrictive ones, but there's a risk of breaking current workflows.
You want create an allow list for external users, but you want to understand what would be the consequences of that before implementing this.

How InfoSec teams use Metomic

Mapping sensitive data

Detect sensitive data risks & violations in Google Drive (and the other popular SaaS apps). Get a consolidated map of where risks lie.

Revoking access

See exactly who has access to what, how critical the file is, and manually or automatically revoke access after a period of time.


Configure rules that alert employees when they mishandle sensitive data and educate them on the correct way.

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