Data Loss Prevention for sensitive data in cloud apps

Detect where sensitive data is located in your cloud applications and prevent data breaches
Automate data redaction for sensitive data and PII in public or shared folders
Discover where stale sensitive data is stored and where PII is unnecessarily shared with the wrong people

Identify where your risks lie and mitigate them now.

Spend time growing your business instead of dedicating valuable engineering resources to Data Loss Prevention efforts.

Don’t wait for a breach to happen, secure your data in the cloud with Metomic.

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Accurately identify sensitive data across all of your cloud apps and infrastructure, so you know precisely where it is, and who has access to it.

Extensive off-the-shelf classifiers
Build your own classifiers
Scan files and unstructured data


Precisely control sensitive data across thousands of locations. Block data being uploaded to the wrong place, and automatically delete it when it's no longer needed.

Automatic data retention enforcement
Custom data redaction workflows
Notify employees

Put compliance on autopilot, with no added risk

Best-in-class classification

Use Metomic's off-the-shelf data classifiers or create your own using our no-code data classifier builder.

Data Discovery API

Create your own data-driven workflows from any app using our Webhooks or Query API.

Secure architecture

Metomic's secure architecture helps you eliminate your security risks, without adding new ones.

Integrate any app today

Leverage Metomic's pre-built app integrations to gain visibility into data flows from day one. Explore your surface area of security risks and control what data is being processed where.

Built for security, privacy and compliance teams

Metomic for Security Teams

Metomic gives security teams peace-of-mind that sensitive data isn't being stored or processed in the wrong places - exposing risks that shouldn't be there in the first place. Gain visibility across your entire organisation and setup rules that automatically enforce your policies.

Metomic for Privacy Teams

With real-time knowledge and controls of data flows, privacy teams have the foundations they need to comply with modern privacy regulations, like the GDPR, CCPA and LGPD. With hundreds of pre-built cloud connectors, Metomic offers unprecedented visibility and the ability to redact and rectify sensitive data from a single place.

Metomic for Compliance Teams

Demonstrable compliance with the vast array of data-related regulations and standards is difficult. With Metomic, compliance teams have a single dashboard to view real-time risk levels and export reports for leadership teams and auditors.

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