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Metomic Champion
Information Security Officer

About TravelPerk

TravelPerk is the technology disrupter of the business travel industry, making booking and managing business travel easier than ever. James has led the Information Security team at the tech unicorn for over 3 years, implementing a comprehensive security program during the company’s exponential growth.  

“As the Head of Security, my role is to keep TravelPerk protected, delivering customer trust  and enabling us to continue on our impressive growth trajectory”, shares James. “Preventing data leaks and looking after our customer data is of the utmost importance to us”.

What’s the challenge?

TravelPerk is processing travel itineraries and personal data for a high volume of travelers worldwide.  With offices across Europe and the US, it is vital to have clear visibility of sensitive data across their cloud-based technology stack.

Ensuring that client data and technical secrets are kept secure in the right locations was key. We needed a tool that would give us visibility, control and assuranc

JAMES, Information Security Officer

As a cloud-first organisation, TravelPerk is using popular apps for document storage, messaging and ticketing. Google Drive, Slack and Zendesk are amongst the most important business tools, and without due controls, these apps could have become an unwitting repository for sensitive data.

“Finding a technical solution that gave us the ability to automate risk reduction and continue to scale well was so important. We needed to take action without hiring an army of people”, explains James. ‘It was timely when Metomic got in touch’. How  relies upon Metomic to  TravelPerksleep better at night

Why Metomic?

TravelPerk’s Security team sought a solution that would automatically provide visibility into Google Drive, Slack and Zendesk, as these apps were integral to daily business operations. "In Metomic we found a solution that would give us instant visibility of our sensitive data via a dashboard”, shares James. “It then runs in the background, providing us with tailored alerts to our highest priority risks."

TravelPerk’s Security team sought a solution that would automatically provide visibility into G oogle Drive, Slack and Zendesk, as these apps were integral to daily business operations.

Between the platform capabilities and the expertise of the Metomic team, we were able to identify risks really quickly, reduce false positives and ensure that we only took action on the relevant alerts


TravelPerk obtained value from Metomic in a matter of days, even though the roll out was phased app by app. One of the key risks James wanted to mitigate was technical secret exposure, and Metomic was able to find relevant risks quickly.

We were able to find some legacy AWS keys from years ago. Fortunately they had been revoked long ago, but gave us the confidence that in the event of new secrets appearing insecurely across our tech stack, we could rely on Metomic to help us swiftly detect and respond  in a click of a button.

JAMES, Information Security Officer

James is confident that with Metomic, TravelPerk has significantly reduced exposure to the significant risk that sensitive data exposure can bring, without operational impact. Both organizations look forward to a long and fruitful partnership!

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